All Done…Now What?

At the end of the school year, I decided to take this MOOC (it’s an online class) on creative habits. I thought it would give me some ideas to use later in my classroom, don’t get me wrong, it totally did. But, it also gave me some insights on to my own personal learning, circles of those around me, and seriously had me look into why I shy away from trying new things that are outside the box…well, my box anyhow. I’ve met some interesting people, made some connections that I hope will continue. I’ve learned a lot just by putting myself out there…take this blog for instance…always had the “oh how cool this could be if I just…” and it’s a part of our reflection and celebration piece and now I gotta do it! Reading through Shannon Field’s first blog post on courage, helped me move past my whole fear of failing, and wanting to have that courage to try something and put myself out there just a bit more.

I think the most important thing I learned through this class was even though I consider myself a fairly creative person, I am afraid to fail. Plain and simple. The module on Fail & Thrive was my hardest yet. Can even say harder than working on my master program at the beginning of my career.  I over plan. I plan for all the things that could possibly go wrong hoping that everything works out. Wanna know what’s funny? I excel at failure and thriving in my classroom. I try all sorts of new technology, activities, assessments, anything and never think about what if it doesn’t work.  So, I started small, with some painting ideas I’ve been mulling around.

#3 Fail & Thrive

#3 creation for Fail & Thrive Module

#4 creation for Fail & Thrive Module

#4 creation for Fail & Thrive Module

Something else I learned that I think is really important is the size of my tribe(s). The second week of this class, we talked about our circles, be them career oriented, personal, social, whatever. I have been going through my life thinking I had this huge support core for my own learning, being, growing, love, friendship, thinking a lot of them overlapped.  But when I had to stop and think about this idea, sketch it out, make it real…my circles barely overlapped. And without those overlaps, I’m stuck from moving from one tribe to another depending on where I am, who I am talking with, or what I’m doing. I’m starting to think, that those special people, who do overlap are the ones I want in my corner constantly, the ones I can turn to on a moments notice to help with anything.  I’m not saying I don’t have mini tribes where I work or play, I’m grateful for the people who back me up at work, for those I can find on Facebook or Google+ (now even more!) who celebrate with me, and those I can call on to play! I guess, I feel like as I leave one tribe, I’m a bit alone…but maybe that’s all in how I look at things.

Moving forward, I’d really love support around my own personal creativity. It’s hard when the one person in your life doesn’t support your ideas or creations. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but can’t you be supportive and encourage still? At school, I have that support and encouragement, perhaps that’s how I can look failure in the face and say, “BRING IT ON!” and why at home, I can only think of things I want to try and only see the possibility of failure and having things turn out awful.

So, from my reflection and celebration (and first blog EVER!), this has been from In My Own Head, sending out encouragement and support in all you attempt to do!

always be yourself...especially when you must change to stay that way

always be yourself…especially when you must change to stay that way


2 thoughts on “All Done…Now What?

  1. I really like the subtitle of your blog, “Thoughts, giggles, reflections, ponderings, questions, and anything else that drives me batty.” It is so you! That is what blogging is all about. Keep it up! Looking forward to your next entry.

    • Thanks Cathleen! I’m hoping to keep this going…I really do like writing and writing about what I’m thinking and feeling. Whether or not anyone reads it is okay I guess.

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