Oh man….I’m not doing so well with this blog thing!

Okay, so I’ve been not so good at keeping up with my blog. Not sure why. I noticed I posted last in July, that was 3 months ago! I can get on Pinterest every night for hours, but can’t seem to blog my thoughts. Hmmmm….

Reflecting back…

I do have to admit, this year especially has been great in working next to Jessica. She’s my team teacher and her 3rd year here in South Routt. I love her…can I say that? She moved here from Minnesota and a middle school science teacher. She and I are on constantly and consistently on the same page with just about everything! Gotta love things when they come together! Over the summer, we’ve taken apart our math standards and curriculum and managed to put things back together in a way that works for us and the students. We knocked off another great camp trip with the kiddos! We continue working on things to change up how we teach stuff, share what we’ve tried and failed at as well as goodies! teamwork is the ability

Besides being a great teaching partner, she’s become a good friend…BONUS! With three children of her own, her time is precious. We do things when we can together and are able to just sit and talk too! Yeah!

Looking forward…

Jessica and I have read “Leader in Me” and “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids” and have been trying to incorporate these habits and way of life into our lessons and the way we live, in and out of the classroom. The Covey Foundation is doing a Leader in Me Book Tour, which is stopping in Denver! We are so excited to see a school in action who uses the 7 habits and the leadership ideals from Leader in Me.

We shall see what comes out of this visit…besides an updated “Leader in Me” book…=)

tell teach involve

So from me to you…don’t forget to let those who are in your life what they mean to you and for me, I’ll keep working outside the box!

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