Resolutions suck…and I’ll tell you why (but I’m sure everyone knows already)!

I, like many, always start with the best of intentions…that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Best intentions? I guess, but if you can even make it past day 10 of the new year…what does that say about you? Lazy? Busy? No cares? Too much of whatever intervening? I’m not sure what that says, but I don’t like it.

Calvin and Hobbs

I hate dislike They drive me crazy, the people who can decide to change and stick with it. I saw a quote about making it 21 days till it’s a habit. Okay, that’s all great and dandy, but I can’t seem to make it ten days. Should I start over, keep going, forget it all?

I had all the best intentions to start the year off healthy, as most do I’m sure, and to be more active. I wanted to keep my house clean, not living in filth as some college students do among their dorms and friends. Something like this:  List Is this too much to ask? I’ve been fairly good about getting more exercise, but then again, I just want to relax after a hard day’s work. Ya know?

James has been trying to do more active stuff as well (yeah James!) and a couple days a week, he’ll go to the gym with me, which is great. But then it’s late and we go out to eat instead of driving the twenty minutes home and cooking (need more quick and easy things to make for dinner). I guess it makes a difference too if we will end up eating at 730 or 830.

I’ve wanted to start writing, on a daily basis. I thought this blog would help with that, but that’s not the case. I found this website/blogger, Sarah Selecky, who sends out a daily writing piece. You sit and write for 10 minutes (by hand by the way, none of this technology crap) and write. Sometimes it’s lists, others you start with a dialogue or a sentence. It’s fun, but that means I have to find 10 minutes to sit and write. 10 uninterrupted minutes. I had been doing, but then sleep decided it was more important and I’ve missed a few days.

In the end I guess the important thing is that I’m me. That the choices I make, the mistakes I make, benefit me and moving forward. I fall back to “moderation”. Everything in moderation. I do have to make me happy. I just wanted to be more…more…something.

making mistakes

I’ll leave you with this thought…if you’re not happy try new things, something may click. If you’re happy, be happy.