A little something we did in class…

I Wonder…
By Micheale Koch

I wonder where my life will take me
Through the northwest or keep me right where I am, in the valley
I wonder how foam on a latte stays so thick
I wonder how I learned to read so easily
Creating a person who loves to read whatever, whenever, wherever
I wonder when the next ride will come
Down in Fruita, across the Rockies, or up in Whistler
I wonder what will become of all of my children who come through the
doors of my classroom
Will they be doctors, artists, family centered creatures, bums? Or will
they just be
I wonder when the day will come when I have to take care of my parents
I wonder if snail mail will ever become obsolete
Man I hope not, I will always treasure the written word
I wonder if my happiness will run out
What happens if it does?
I wonder if my students REALLY get me, really get why I do what I do,
up all hours of the night and weekend, making things just right for
I wonder just WHAT is in Starbucks’ drinks to make you keep going back
I wonder what kind of mom my sister will be
A gorgeous little girl by her side
I wonder why Orion always makes me giddy when I see him in the winter
night sky
I wonder where my life will take me, what I’ll see, things I might accomplish or
do or who I’ll meet
I wonder…